The Mashup Episode 6

The Mashup, your only college comedy radio source, will feature DJ Basshaters and Quint Kappel this week!

The dynamic duo of DJ Basshaters will be joining us. We haven’t met them yet, but we hear that they hate bass, love high sounds, and hold hands while they DJ, but aren’t gay (no judging, boys. We accept all forms of homosocial behavior at The Mashup). All we can hope for is that something like this will happen in our studio:

We are also interviewing Quint Kappel. He is a senior majoring in Film and Media Arts and is the Artistic Director of Major: Undecided this year. Check out his dope website:

Check them out from 3-4pm on Sunday afternoon! You can also listen to past episodes of The Mashup here:

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