DJ Rant: New Album? Who Cares! Really?! Really!!!

I’m not saying that everyone is too much in a hurry to vacuum up new music wherever it lies.  But hey, I’m even guilty of giving something a spin or two before digging through my stack of discs to listen to.  I will say that with the accessibility to mp3s and all those previously difficult to find b-sides, live tracks and cover songs, the wait between new records seems much shorter.  When the new record comes out the remixes follow suit, so instead of getting twelve songs in a bubble people are constantly surrounded by music of the band such that the new released sort of blends in.  Then, as the new album makes the rounds, people get stuck on a single or two before passing judgment on the record (or smattering of tracks, then rounding up) as a whole.  The new album, therefore, is either getting ignored or not listened to enough.  I think it’s a shame.

There are other thoughts on the influence of MTV on music in the modern age (nearly nil) in comparison to pre-2000, as well as the power of the hype machine (still there), but I think people need to relax a little bit.  If one of your favorite bands releases a record, listen to it a few times in a row.  Then take a break for a day.  Listen to it a few times more.  Then read some lyrics or watch a video or two from the group.  Surf over to a discussion board and read what others have to say.  Listen to the album again, or skip the tracks you already like and try to ‘get’ the ones you don’t.  Find out when they’re coming to town and get some friends interested via chat or a listening party.  In a month’s time after release, give the record another spin.  Now it’s up to you on whether you want to dig for some b-sides, read an interview or two from the band, or shelve the record.  I think that, in this day and age, a month is a solid amount of time to get to know your record.

New albums should be an event, not an expectation you should take for granted.  Absorb your music!

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