Concert Review | Matt & Kim at the House of Blues

As for the music, the two mostly played songs of their first two albums, “Matt and Kim(2006) andGrand” (2009). Despite the fact that the band’s third album, “Sidewalks” dropped three days before the show, they only played a couple new songs, including ‘Silver Tiles‘ and ‘Good for Great.’ Personally, I was hoping for ‘Cameras.’ Instead, Matt and Kim pleased old fans, rocking out with longtime favorites like “Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare“‘and ‘Yea Yeah.’ The two also played covers of feel good dance hits to transition between songs. ‘Jump On It‘ between ‘Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare’ and ‘5k‘ was particularly memorable.

While there was no encore, the group didn’t disappoint. After a dizzying round of fan favorites, the duo closed with the predictably popular ‘Daylight‘ before rushing out into the crowd, shaking hands and high-fiving for ten minutes straight.

When it’s so easy to illegally download song on the internet, Matt & Kim remind us of why music is best done legal and live. After seeing them morph a rainy Thursday into the best party of my semester, I couldn’t help but fall in love. Go see them live. And if you already have, you know you need to again.

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