The Awkward Freshman Playlist | Overheard In RezQuad Café

I should mention that when I first listened to these two songs I liked them but I didn’t immediately love the band.  It wasn’t until I found out about their most recent collaboration that I started taking them really seriously.  It turns out the group just released an EP in the UK that came out of a tour and collaboration with Laura Marling and the Dharohar Project in India.  This was a pleasant surprise for me because Laura Marling is among my top five favorite musicians.  Like Mumford & Sons, she comes out of London’s indie-folk scene.  She has a very distinctive voice, a fantastic accent, and lyrics that are simultaneously quirky, spunky, and deep.  The Dharohar Project is a traditional rajasthani folk collective.  The result of the collaboration is a stunning set of four songs that are unfortunately only available from iTunes UK.  You can hear two of the songs at (my favorite source for all things New York and all things pop/indie culture).  Both are reworked versions of songs already recorded by Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling.  The blend of English voices, singing in a traditionally American folk style, with rajasthani music weaved throughout is truly unexpected and honestly glorious.  Mumford & Sons made a short documentary about the collaboration which you should watch here.

Jon now has a show on WMFO called Adventure Time with Jon and Alex.  I would say tune in but their spot is on Monday at 6 am.  Instead I recommend that you listen to their playlists here.  Thanks to Jon I have discovered a band that I am extremely excited about.  Thanks to RezQuad cafe I have a fantastic friend and tomorrow night around 11 o’clock I’ll get a text saying “RezQuad?”  I’ll walk in with a bag full of books and he’ll be siting there waiting for me.

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