The Awkward Freshman Playlist | “Beyond the Beelzebubs”

“Walking in that room when you had tubes in your arms, those singing morphine alarms out of tune kept you sleeping and even, and I didn’t believe them when they called you a hurricane thunderclap.”

The album is beautiful and really ought to be appreciated as an album, not as various singles bought on iTunes over time (or otherwise obtained).  If you really don’t feel like buying it, you can always just slip a blank CD under my door.

1.  Halfway House – Take Care

2.  Too Much – Sufjan Stevens

3.  Condense – Hayes Peebles

4.  Dissolve – Hayes Peebles

5.  Cards and Quarters – Local Natives

6.  Shades of Warhol – Ben Crane

7.  Intention – Ben Crane

8.  Cameo – The Smoking Jackets

9.  Kettering – The Antlers

10.  Shiva – The Antlers

Ellen Mayer is a freshman from Brooklyn, NY. She has no idea what she wants to major in and is open to suggestions. Seriously. She likes singing, leather boots, local food, and talking to people about music. You can find her procrastinating at Rezquad Cafe or just email her at

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