Pop Stars’ Not-So-Private Lives

The film includes information about aspects of Beyonce’s life that she has kept private such as life with her new daughter and the miscarriage she had during a previous pregnancy. Beyonce slightly dodged the question answering, “it was time for people to get to know me.” That may have been why she made the movie, but obviously the national anthem mishap and flashy Super Bowl performance were sparkly, controversial bookends for something that might not otherwise get such widespread attention: Beyonce’s personal views of who she is as a person, mom, performer and artist.

I prefer to think it is only Kathleen Edwards’ refusal to sensationalize her personal life that keeps her under the American radar. Realistically, that’s like being dumbfounded that I haven’t won the lottery yet. A lot of luck goes into popular success in the music business. There are also tiers to fame and notoriety. If Kathleen Edwards had dated Jake Gyllenhall and written a song about it instead of spending time and attending the Grammys with “Bonny Bear,” more people might have heard of her.



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  1. Jeremy Meserve:

    It is insightful writing like this that will help to popularize artists like Edwards. Now I know about her.

  2. Catherine:

    Thanks, Jeremy. I hope you look into more of her music.

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