Concert Review: Panda Bear at Governor’s Island on 09/11/2010

“Drone” continued straight into an interesting rendition of the Animal Collective song “Daily Routine”. Avey Tere traditionally sings “Daily Routine” so it was exciting to see how Panda would change the song. He decided to play much more downtempo and slightly monotonous version, similar to the version of “Guys Eyes” that he performed later in the set.

The next track was “Tomboy”, the single from the upcoming album of the same name. This live-version stressed a climactic moment towards the end of the song, which transitioned immediately into “Guys Eyes”.

“Guys Eyes” was the most dramatic diversion from the original studio sessions. Panda’s live version was acoustic sounding and stressed Noah Lennox’s angelic voice. It was the first time I was able to understand the lyrics and demonstrated that Noah can truly sing. Additionally, Danny Perez projected a montage of porn as the visual accompaniment, which significantly alters the meaning the song if applied to the lyrics.

The now-infamous sample to “Surfer’s Hymn” acted as the transition into the next track. Below is a video of the song, courtesy of Big Ass Lens.


Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn from Big Ass Lens on Vimeo.

The next set of tracks was the highlight of the night. In nearly seamless succession, Panda Bear played the following tracks: Ponytail, Last Night at the Jetty, Benfica, Comfy in Nautica and Slow Motion. Fans of Person Pitch enjoyed hearing the tracks Ponytail and Comfy in Nautica, however I was blown away by Last Night at the Jetty and Slow Motion. In my opinion, Slow Motion was the strongest song of the night. Slow Motion is the B-Side to this summer’s “Tomboy” single and you can hear it here.

I strongly suggest watching the video below, which captures these beautiful songs.

Panda Bear – Ponytail/Last Night at The Jetty/Benfica/Comfy/Slow Motion from Big Ass Lens on Vimeo.

After “Slow Motion” came “Bullseye” and “You Can Count On Me”. “You Can Count On Me” ended the main set and was my other favorite song of the night. I have a feeling that it will be known as one of Panda’s best when the “You Can Count On Me/Alsatian Darn” single is released next month.

Panda Bear’s encore featured “Alsatian Darn” and transitioned into a version of “Chores” which implemented lyrics from “I Think I Can” as an end to the concert. It is always fun to see the endless versions that the guys from Animal Collective create out of their songs and this was no exception. Below is video of the encore:

Panda Bear – Alsatian Darn / Chores (I Think I Can) from Big Ass Lens on Vimeo.

Although short, Panda’s performance undoubtedly establishes the fact that “Tomboy” will be one of the best albums of 2011. I highly recommend listening to the entire audio of the show and seeing Panda Bear the next time he comes to play near you.

Full Audio of Panda Bear at Governor’s Island, Courtesy of NYC Taper


[Total Time 1:10:05]

01 Drone

02 Daily Routine

03 Tomboy

04 Song For Ariel (Guys Eyes)

05 Surfer’s Hymn

06 Ponytail

07 Last Night At The Jetty

08 Benfica

09 Comfy in Nautica

10 Slow Motion

11 Bullseye

12 You Can Count on Me

13 Alsatian Darn

14 Chores*

*with “I Think I Can” Verses

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