Classic Rock Mine – The Pretty Things and S.F. Sorrow

Phil May: It was different enough that, you know, if I was doing lyrics, there would be pages of drawings for that song. And then from that, the lyrics would come, after it had been visualized. What was happening? The balloon burning. And then the lyrics would come next. So I had a sketch book full of drawings.

Dick Taylor: And then we would be beating away putting riffs together and things and what have you.

Phil May: So it was a very visual– That’s what I mean, it was very visual. For me it was visualized before the text came. The visual image was there before the text.

Mike Conway: Do you think the work still holds up today?

Phil May: You have to answer that.

Dick Taylor: It seems to, because this is, people seem to be saying it does.

Phil May: Young kids are hearing it for the first time, find it quite stimulating.

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