CONCERT REVIEW | Andrew Bird at the Capitol Center for the Arts

It is nice that Bird invites us into his songs.  His performance is raw and emotional and the input he shares on particular songs’ meanings help us to dissect his lyrically and melodically beautiful, but often cryptic, poetry. I have used songs of his to study for an oceanography exam (read: Radiolarians from “Masterswarm”) and for the GRE vocabulary section [Bird supports an immense vocabulary: please, Mr. Bird! Don’t think me a sycophant for pointing it out!].  It’s clear that Bird works hard to develop material to his satisfaction. The violin itself is notoriously difficult to master and is infrequently seen in contemporary genres besides country’s fiddle. My appreciation for his music grew exponentially upon the realization that even seemingly nonsensical lyrics are rooted in meaning through word play or structural patterns (think palindromes).  I have to admit, I was impressed a second time by the self-reflection and literary talent he conveyed in his blog for the New York Times


The encore was electrifying. Bird sang his cover of Kermit the frog’s “Bein’ Green”-, which is arguably the best song of the entire Muppets cover album, The Green Album. Here it is in French. He rejuvenates the song with new depth. He also is featured in the new Muppet Movie: I’ll post the link here, though it may be removed from youtube soon. Last year Bird created the original soundtrack for a coming of age picture called Norman (2010), and his new album Break It Yourself will be out March 6th.  


Andrew Bird- Tenuousness- From the Basement 

At the end of the night, Andrew Bird congratulates the audience on their contribution to the venue’s city.  ‘Congratulations, Concord  ’, he says, ‘Well done’.  I would like to sincerely and emphatically deliver the same message back to you Mr. Bird.  Well done, indeed.

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  1. Evan:

    Andrew Bird -and- St. Vincent? Good show to catch right there.

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