Pick of the Week: Serpents


Sharon Van Etten’s most recent full length album, Epic, is lovely for its lush sound and intimacy.  It is a little lugubrious and hazy.  The singer-songwriter’s most recent single, then, comes as bit of a surprise.  “Serpent” has the same kinds of harmonies that have always made Van Etten distinctive but otherwise it sounds very little like her earlier work.  Up-tempo with jangly electric guitars and an aggressive drum-beat, “Serpent” is just downright louder than anything on Epic, with a more focused sound.  The Single’s B-Side, “McDermott” is also different, appealingly rough around the edges, with less reliance on the classic Van Etten harmonies.   Van Etten is a compelling artist and, with the release of these two tracks, has proved her versatility.

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  1. Evan:

    Nice voice and build on this one. Thanks!

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